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5 Star Luxury Hotels in Stockholm

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With an outstanding portfolio of over 300 locations in eight countries, elite hotels in Sweden offers you with the very best in international hotels. From the most traditional European luxury hotels to the new wave of contemporary design hotels, elite hotels in Sweden offer a wide range of hotels to suit your preferences. Whether you are looking for an elegant and traditional hotel to a more contemporary design hotel, elite hotels in Sweden have something to meet all of your expectations. Here, we are going to take a look at the amazing range of hotels in elite hotels in Sweden.

When it comes to a 5 star luxury hotel, Stora in Gothenburg is one of the best. Known for its warm hospitality and excellent customer service, Stora Hotel is perfect for those who love luxury and can afford it. This luxurious four star hotel has been rated as the best three star hotel in Gothenburg and is located at the heart of the city, so make sure that you book in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.

For a more contemporary look, Hotel Gothenburg is the perfect choice for a relaxed and enjoyable stay. Located on the bank of the River Arvika and just a stone’s throw away from the city center, Hotel Gothenburg is situated in one of the oldest areas of Gothenburg. With its modern design and an impeccable reputation for its cleanliness and hospitality, Hotel Gothenburg will set the tone for a relaxing stay at this luxurious five-star hotel in Gothenburg. The hotel is easily accessible by car from any part of the city by a bus or metro.

With its elegant, royal style design and its five star reputation, Royal deluxe Hotels is perfect for those who want a little something different from a five star luxury hotel. Located in Stockholm’s heart, Royal deluxe Hotels in Stockholm, Sweden, has become known as one of the most sought after luxury hotel in the entire Stockholm region. Owned by the King of Sweden, Crown Prince Carl of Gothenburg, Royal deluxe Hotels is now the leading five star hotel in Stockholm. Royal deluxe Hotel Stockholm is one of the best five star hotels in Stockholm, Sweden, offering an incredible blend of traditional Swedish hospitality with modern luxury and a contemporary design. The hotel features a traditional room with two beds, a large living room and spacious living area.

The five star Swedish luxury hotel in Gothenburg, Hotel Ola is considered as one of the world’s premier five-star hotels and is located in Gothenburg’s suburb of Rinkeby, which is one of the most sought after areas for shopping, entertainment and cultural activities. Owned by prominent Swedish businessman Ole Ola Hotel Ola is a unique landmark of the area and a leading five-star luxury hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. Situated in a popular shopping center in Rinkeby, the hotel features a modern, stylish design with a grand interior.

Royal deluxe in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been rated as the leading four star luxury hotel in Gothenburg and has recently been renovated, with a contemporary design. With a modern interior and an eclectic blend of traditional Swedish design, Royal deluxe Hotel Royal is a great choice for both business and leisure travelers. The Royal deluxe Hotel is situated in a bustling area of central Gothenburg and is perfect for tourists, providing a great selection of luxury services including an exquisite variety of spa treatments, and a host of other services and amenities for the local residents. Located next to Gothenburg’s central train station, the Royal deluxe Hotel is easily accessible by public transportation. The hotel features a full restaurant with an extensive array of international cuisines, a bar, a private bar and lounge, as well as a meeting area and a spa with hydrotherapy and sauna facilities.

Located in the heart of Stockholm’s central district, Elite hotels in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the leading five star luxury hotels in the city and boasts an elegant and stylish design and a reputation for providing a luxurious experience. Owned by the prominent Swedish businessman Ole Ola, Elite hotels in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a modern and trendy design and has a comfortable, yet sophisticated environment. The hotel features a traditional living room with two single beds, a large living room and spacious living area, as well as a spacious dining room and an elegant restaurant. The hotel also features an outdoor pool and lounge. The hotel is located next to a major train station and is easily accessible by public transportation.


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